Kaire Valge

Conference Organizing Academy is definitely a life changing experience that will shift you towards becoming a better version of you 🙂

Kaire joined JCI in 2009, after seeing a huge opportunity within the organization to fulfill her dream to become a professional trainer. Ever since she has been an active member of JCI, constantly working with different teams and being involved in various major projects, conferences and training’s. During her years in JCI Kaire has dealt with composing national and local organizations strategies, developing internal systems, re-establishing national organizations training institute and conducting countless training’s and workshops nationally and internationally to empower members to become better leaders. Among other positions she was JCI Estonia National President in 2016 and she was JCI World Congress 2019 Bid director.

In her professional life Kaire works as a solution focused coach helping teams and individuals achieve their goals and dreams. For the past 13 years she has been consulting companies in EU grants, by writing business and export plans, conducting cost-benefit analysis, doing customer or employees satisfaction surveys and developing strategies. Kaire is also a passionate mentor and a trainer.

JCI background highlights:

JCI World Congress 2019 Bid Director

JCI EDC Councillor 2017

JCI Estonia National President 2016

JCI Toomemäe president 2014

JCI Senator # 75520

Ever since I first came to JCI, the organization has been a true development accelerator for me. I will always be grateful for the endless opportunities, support and positive changes that JCI has created in my life.