Peeter Tars

Conference Organizing Academy is the most intensive teamwork training that gives you an ability to decrypt peoples behavior.

Peeter joined JCI in 2005 because he saw an opportunity to do, learn and experience things in the organization, that he couldn’t anywhere else. Peeter is a shiny and brilliant person whose presence doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone. There are two reasons for this: either he is very actively participating and contributing to the event or he has the leading role in it. He is currently JCI Estonia National Past President.

Peeter is master of sience in product development and he lives by principle that every problem has one or more solutions. Peeter has worked in IT business for 20 years running his own company, which provides customer management software for sports clubs.

JCI background highlights:

Co-Trainer at COC Academy in JCI Syria 2018

Co-Trainer at COC Academy in JCI Syria 2017

COC Academy trainer since 2015

JCI Estonia National Past President 2018

JCI Estonia National President 2017

COC Academy director 2012

JCI Tallinn president 2010

Rat Race director 2008

Head of security at European Conference 2006

JCI Senator # 74512